Your Guide To The Truth.


PerformanceChipGuide is a research site designed to provide true reviews of automotive enhancement products. We do our own reviews and are not compensated / funded by any performance product manufacturer or lobby group. You will not see us pushing performance products for our own gain like many fake reviews on Amazon and other websites.


Question: What is your goal? How do you benefit?

Answer: To provide a REAL guide for performance products. We all win when the truth is spread!


Question: You will be sued for libel / slander for reviewing xxxx product – I demand you take down your review

Answer: Any legal action against us would fail, as courts will not entertain these claims if the speech in question is in fact truthful. On the contrary, we could ask for fees against you in court if you tried to sue us for telling the truth. Free speech is protected as long as it is not false or defamatory. Everything on this site is true and is exactly what any individual would see if they themselves purchased these parts. Satire and criticism are widely accepted to be protected speech in most jurisdictions. This website is our critique of devices which do not live up to their claims.


Question: What do your articles intend to accomplish?

Answer: To shine the light on products which clearly do not deliver on their claims and to perhaps prevent unaware individuals from wasting their time and money. We also aim to provide some comic relief in exposing some of these scams, as some are quite laughable!